Top 20


Top 20 Rules 2017
Breeder Judge Contract

This Event offers a unique opportunity to honor the top Malamutes in the country in the same place at the same time. Unlike the usual Best of Breed judging, this event presents each Malamute to 3 judges who will evaluate the entrant using a scale of points. They are not judged against each other, but rather each against the Breed Standard. The procedure used will offer spectators more time to study each Malamute than would be available in the normal judging procedure.

If you have questions, contact Suzanne Bedell, chairperson.

Current Top Twenty

Standings through April 30, 2016

Hey everyone! I am pleased to announce the following Alaskan Malamutes have qualified to participate in the Top 20 Event at the 2016 National Specialty. Brenda Manus is still looking for volunteers to help with this year’s Event.  If you are interested, please contact her at  If you have any questions, comments, worries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Congratulations to all!  I look forward to seeing you all in Colorado Springs in October. Stacey Moore Top 20 Statistician

RankThe Top 20PointsAreaOwner
1GCH Catera’s Keepin’ It World Class (B)283PNWJ Dewing/R Dysart
2GCH Tugar’s Taking On Tyson (D)264NY/NJK Hausner
3GCH Peace River’s Gathers No Moss At Sunstra (D)230PNWT Robinson/A Syar/M Coburn/K Robinson
4GCH Silverice’s Jager Bomb (D)207WCA Syar/M Stone
5GCH Northern Lites Mr. Lincoln (D)205GLH Donovan
6GCH Spiritrun’s Cool Ride (B)204GLJ Remazki/E Remazki/A Syar
7GCH Ice Fall’s Locked “N” Loaded (D)185IL/WID Roberts/L Ryer
7GCH Kasaan Snokist Ropin ‘N’ ‘T’ Fortune (D)185IL/WID Roberts-Burrill
9GCH Ixa’s Dontcha Wish Your Girl Friend Was Hot Like Me (B)181SOA Mayberry-Welch
10GCH Wolfmountain’s Warhammer (D)177RMP Jenkins/E Jenkins
11GCH Corazon Wild Wind Pedal To The Medal (D)171SOG Box-Young
12GCH Taolanquest Flying Cloud (D)166RML Newburn/R Pohl
13GCH Sno Klassic Nanuke Lifes A Dance (B)153GLJ Taylor/P Peel/M Peel
14GCH Peace River’s Bling It On (B)148PNWM Coburn
15GCH Storm Kloud’s Test Of Time (D)132IL/WIJ El Dissi
16GCH Winter Park’s Look Sharp Live Smart (D)124MEM Park/J Park/S Park
17GCH Alcan Disco Dancer At Ranmar (D)120RMA Rubenstein/H Rubenstein
18GCH Alcan ‘N’ Snodanc Party Of One (B)109WCD McComb/D Ragsdale
19GCH Ice Crystal’s Top Gun (D)108 N Bennett/J Plourde
20GCH Pale Moon N Snopeaks Arctic Snoangel (B)107RMB White/A White/K McCallum/J McCallum

NOTE:  No Area is listed when the primary owner is not an AMCA member.